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The History of Enon First Baptist Church


In the Year of our Lord 1821, That tract of land which was later to be knows as Fulton, Fayette, Coweta and Campbell Counties was ceded to the State of Georgia by the Creek Indians.  Shortly afterward the state authorized the building of a road which begain at Decatur and ran out through this new territory.  This road is believed to have been built along the route that is now Ponce De Leon Ave to Peachtree Street, out Whitehall to Lee Street to Campbellton Rd and on out to the River.  When the state cut this parcel of land into acreage tracts, soon homesteaders from from different parts of Georgia and neighboring states begain setling.

It was from among these early, hardy pioneers that Enon First Baptist was established.  The first and only church in the area at that time, Utoy Primitive Baptist Church, did not believe in paying the pastor, supporting Missionaries and many other things that many of the newcomers to the territory did belive in.  This lead to a division in 1833 and the founding of the new church, known then as The Baptist Church of Christ at Enon.  The first building was a log cabin with a dirt floor and was built where the current church cemetary now resides.  It wasn't until 1855 that a new buiding was built on the opposite side of the road.

On April 10, 1869, it was agreed to meet to organize a "Sabbath School".  This is believed to be one of the first Sunday Schools in Georgia.  Revival meetings were held year after year and always the graveyard and church grounds were cleaned up beforehand.  During 1870 Revival Week, the schedule was recorded as follows:

Prayer Meeting 9am to 11am
Preaching at 11
One hour intermission
Preaching, again
Prayers during the afternoon
Preaching by candlelight.

In 1882, the pastor was paid $87.50 and 15 bussels of grain.  Also, his ferryboad bill was paid which ammounted to $1.50.

When Stonewall Tell was widened and paved in 1938, the extra had to taken on the church side because of the cemetary.  This necessitated moving the church back because it was too close to the road.  During the next few years, the church was consistantly patched and repaired until it was decided in 1945 to build a new church. There were a few who said that a new building was not needed and a few who said that the money could not be raised, but the member of Enon would not be discouraged. One of the member bought the tember on the stump and gave it to the church.  Several of the member got together and hauled the timber to a nearby sawmill.  The Altanta Foxhunters Association sponsord a Fish Fry in 1947 which recieved $847.00. In 1948 the ladies of the church put on a Chicken Supper which brought in $500.00.  Rev. Howard Holloway gave half his sallary and several hours of his own labor to the project.  Much of the labor was done by members of the church, free of charge.  After five years of blood, sweat and tears the new building was moved into in June of 1950 and it still stands today as a monument to God's glory and provision.  The old building was sold to the highest bidder in July of the same year and was later torn down a month later. 

Our Church Today

Enon First Baptist Church is a God-Centered church, firmly planted in the Gospel of Christ.  The gospel is preached here, unadulterated and not watered down.  The congregation is warm and caring.  No one is a stranger when they walk through the door.  Prepare to be welcomed as family.  We are not one of those mega churches, numbered in the thousands.  Many like that type of chruch and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  But if you are seeking a smaller, familliar church.  Look no further.  Enon is here for you.  

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